Body Contouring

Sculpting through tissue manipulation
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Wood Therapy Body Sculpting

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Wood therapy is an ancient oriental therapy practiced for centuries. It is used to contour and shape the face/body with minimal harm to the skin or tissue. Wood therapy helps diminish cellulite, takes inches off, and tones multiple layers of the skin while shaping curves of the body. It also helps improve blood circulation, regulate the lymphatic system, reduce stress and anxiety to induce relaxation and sleep.

Add to a massage $15,  25 min $55, 60 min $105

Body Vacuum Therapy

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Vacuum Therapy is an all-natural non-invasive way of shaping the hips, glutes, stomach, front of thighs, back of thighs, buttock, and your back by way of suction cupping. The vacuum helps firm and tone the skin and is used as a way of contouring the silhouette while creating a butt lift. It also helps with lymphatic drainage and breaking down fatty deposits. It’s painless, safe, and highly effective with amazing results. Best for 1st Visit for contouring. 60 min $110

Butt Lift Vacuum Therapy

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 Concentrating on the back of thighs and butt. 25 min $60

Fascia Smoothing Treatment

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Want smoother legs, stomach, and backside? Fighting cellulite, crepey skin, and dimples?

✔ Fascia smoothing out & reorganizing
✔ A decrease in subcutaneous fat
✔ A decrease in systemic inflammation
✔ Indications of improved collagen remodeling
✔ A decrease in the appearance of cellulite
✔ Increased metabolism
✔ Overall safety of fascia manipulation
We can help with this new effective treatment. Using tools that are designed for professional athletes, this treatment can help to smooth fascia which is one of the leading causes of cellulite. It can also temporarily increase blood flow, spot reduce stubborn fat pockets, reduce crepey skin, and provide temporary pain relief. This treatment can be done weekly and you are strongly encouraged to do at home for your daily self care ritual for faster results. Treatment consists of dry brushing, massage technique with tools, castor oil pack(detox), warm and cold therapy, and firming cream. Initial treatment 60mins $90. Follow-up treatments 45mins $75. Series of 6 $390(save $60) Love the skin you are in!

Infrared Slimming Treatment

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A warm blanket is wrapped around you to increase your body temperature to help detox the body, boost your metabolism, and shed inches. In a 35 min session you may shed up to 320 calories. This treatment is best done in a series to jump start weight loss. $45

(2) 35 min Sessions in one week $85

(3) 35 min sessions in one week $105

All sessions must be done in a 7 day period. Best done after exercise.

*New* Cellulite Treatment

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Add to our Slimming Blanket or one of our Massages to increase circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite. $10