Facial Treatments

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The Estheticians at Renew offer a variety of facial treatments designed to revitalize, nourish, and correct a wide range of skin concerns. We have redesigned our menu to offer you the latest in technology and in products to give your skin a wide variety of nutrients to better the health of your skin. See our Complete Renewal Program for a year membership of amazing skin and self-care.

Results Driven Renewal Facials

Our goal is to work on your concerns with corrective products and modalities

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Skin Renewal Journey

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Consult and Facial 

Is this your 1st Facial with us?

We begin by renewing your skin with an in depth consult and a thorough skin analysis on your first visit so please arrive 20 minutes early to fill out a Skin Care Form. This will allow our estheticians to better customize your treatment for better results. If you would like to bring in your current skin care bottles to your appointment, we can better assist you with your home care during your consultation. We carry Image Skin Care. These are professional cosmeceutical lines that provide you with peptides, stem cell technology, antioxidants, AHAs, glycolic, retinols, and the latest vitamin C to provide correction in your daily skin care routine. 70% of your results is in your home care regimen so let us help you maximize the health of your skin. 65mins $111

Customized Enzymatic Restorative Facial

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This facial addresses a wide variety of skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation, rosacea and men’s skin. We will analyze the skin and see which delicious fruit enzyme will work best for your concerns and use modalities to help heal and correct the skin. No facial is the same way twice. 50mins $89

Purifying Oxygen Adult Acne Facial

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Thought acne was only for teenagers? Hormones, medications, products, men’s facial hair, and a need for exfoliation can cause increased acne in our adult years. We have the facial for you and a treatment regimen to help clear up your skin. This facial may include, Extractions, Ultrasonic cleansing, High frequency, LED light, or oxygen depending on your type of Acne. 50 mins $92

Probiotic Teen Acne Facial

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Working with hormonal changes in the skin of teens can be challenging, but with a regular treatment program, good skin care products, and regular cleansing/mosturizing habits we can target the root and transform the blemished skin. May include Steam, Extractions, Hot towels, Ultrasonic cleansing, High frequency, LED light, or oxygen depending on your type of Acne. Does not include massage or undressing. 40mins $60


Premier Renewal Facials

These facials use the latest technologies to create change in your skin

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Nano-infusion Hyaluronic Facial

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This dermal rejuvenation increases circulation, delivers hydration deep into the skin, and stimulates collagen production. Wonderful for dry, dehydrated, acne prone, scared skin. Best done in 3-6 treatments.  50 mins $140

*Add Microdermabrasion and/or Dermaplanning for $35 each for better infusion and exfoliation 

Hydrating Oxygen Facial

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This amazing facial incorporates oxygen to stimulate and revive the skin to give it an incredible glow. The oxygen is also used to push the serum enriched with hyaluronic, peptides, stem cells and biospheres into the skin to give it a drink of hydration. Microdermabrasion is included in this facial to prepare the skin to receive the nutrition. This facial is suggested for dry, dehydrated, rosacea, acne prone, and anti-aging skin. 50 mins $150

Radiant Hydrating Oxygen Facial

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This facial incorporates everything from the Hydrating Oxygen facial and we take it to a new level! We add dermaplaning to remove vellus facial hair and dead skin cells to prep the skin even more so for the oxygen and serums. After the exfoliation process we use microneedling to create channels in the skin to receive the oxygen and serums more effectively and deeper for faster results. This facial is for seasoned guests as this is not for a beginner. We need to prep your skin for you to see the results this facial has to offer. 60mins $260 

Red Carpet Treatment

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We incorporate microcurrent technology, microderm, LED therapy, a firming mask, and an eye treatment to get you ready to pose for any pictures on the red carpet or just to keep your youthful appearance? Whichever it is, we have a facial that will help tighten and tone your facial muscles through microcurrent technology. Think of us as your personal trainer for your facial muscles. During the facial your skin will be drenched with peptides, and antioxidants to brighten, lighten, and nourish. The microderm will exfoliate for baby soft skin. You will see the results in just one treatment!!! 60 mins $155

The microcurrent treatment alone is best done in a series. Package prices start as low as $70 per treatment.

*Add Dermaplanning  $35 for better infusion and exfoliation

Platinum Renewal  Facial

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This is our NEW hydra microdermabrasion treatment which is incorporated in a 5-part process to leave your skin looking and feeling younger.  This is truly a transformative facial and NOT recommend on your first visit or with rosacea. The skin must be prepared prior to this treatment. 70mins $189

Microneedle Resurfacing Session 

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This is our NEW Microneedle system to help correct textural issues, fine lies, scars, and large pores. It is not as painful as you think and it is a short session so you can handle the small amount of discomfort for the beauty! This Session is best done in a series of 6 or more depending on the depth of correction. The results have been amazing!

Level 1 Session, 30 mins $105 may add a facial or dermaplaning for better results

Level 2 Sessions, 30 mins $140 may add a facial or dermaplaning for better results

Special Enhancements

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Rosemary and Mint Scalp Massage

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During any facial enjoy a scalp massage with these essential oils to stimulate hair growth, reduce tension, and fill your senses with the aroma and sensation of this relaxing treatment. $8

Serenity Foot Massage

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This Lavender Blend helps calm the body while we massage your pressure points to renew your mind, body, soul. $25

Eye Treatment

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A cold stone is used to help penetrate an eye serum around the eye and stimulate circulation. Great for dehydrated skin, puffy eyes, and dark circles. $10 Best done with a facial for the first time to get the best benefits.

Dermaplanning Treatment

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Exfoliate the skin and remove soft vellus hair. Treatment alone for $50 or Add on to a facial for $35

Facial Cupping

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Aids in Lymphatic Drainage, depuffing, and toning $15