Facial Resurfacing Treatment (Chemical Peels)

Formerly known as a Chemical Peels


Facial Resurfacing treatments are a way of taking years of our face. It helps to reduce pigmentation, acne, dry skin, unevenness in tone, and in texture. After the treatment you will have a few days of possible redness and then peeling or sloughing of the skin. Afterwards you will have glowing skin. It is required before a treatment that you have an introductory facial with consult, and start a skin prep regimen (Retinol A cream and skin lightening ) to achieve the best results.

For maximum results you should start the prep 2 to 6 weeks prior to the 1st resurfacing treatment and stop 3 days prior. It will take a few treatments to achieve your results and you will need to work up to the level III. In the consult, we will review with you a guideline of how many treatments it may take.

Everyone is different on how fast they see results and a big part of your success will be home care.

The Perfection Lift ( Jessners)

This resurfacing Peel is amazing at lifting, smoothing, and, giving the skin a glow. This resurfacing treatment is wonderful for all skin issues. $95

Wrinkle Lift Peel and Dermaplanning

An exfoliating peel prepared by dermaplanning the skin for an even, deeper penetration. 45mins $145