Spa Massage Treatments

Welcome to Renew Day Spa, a local Garner Spa, where you can relax your mind, body, and soul. We have a variety of modalities to help relax or relieve pain such as a Signature Swedish Massage, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Trigger point, pregnancy, or Couples Massage.

Massage at Renew Day Spa Garner

Signature Renew Massage

A full body Swedish massage to help relax you. We offer a consult and treatment recommendations with all our massages.

~60mins $72 /~80mins $105 INITIAL Consultation Form

Couples Massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage by the fire in our suite made especially for two. ~60 mins $164/ ~80mins $230

Below are enhancements to add to any of the above massages. Add to customize and to further create relaxation and/or therapeutic benefits.

Massage Enhancements:

enhance your Signature Renew Massage with

Hot Stones for your back $10

Pregnancy Massage$10 Prenatal Massage Release Form

Deep Tissue$10

Trigger point $10

Dry Brushing $10


Choose one for $5 or two for $8



Eucalyptus -supports respitory system/decongestion

Blends:  Balance, Purify, or Aromatouch $8 each


Cellulite Treatment*NEW

Add to our Slimming Blanket or one of our Massages to increase circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite. $10

Specialized Massages

Lymphatic Drainage Massage*NEW

Lymphatic drainage is the manual draining of the lymphatic system w/gentle massage strokes.  The lymphatic system aides in detoxification.  This massage is helpful in relieving congestion and sinus issues, post surgery recovery, and helps promote deep relaxation in the body.  $150 for 80 min.  Add reflexology $45 for 20min

Therapeutic Massage*NEW

A Customized Massage that utilizes several modalities to bring your body into balance.  Therapist may incorporate deep tissue, hot stones, trigger point, aroma therapy, and or lymphatic drainage to renew the body. ONLY available with Select Therapists with Experience and training.  ~60 mins $90

Hot Stone Full Body Massage

Our Hot Stone massage melts away tension, muscle stiffness, and promotes circulation. During each session, placement of heated stones at key points on the body allow for deeper relaxation of the muscles. Hot stones are also known for easing stiffness, decreasing stress and anxiety, and is good for chronic pain.~80 minutes $125


A concentrated foot or hand massage that uses pressure points to relate to the rest of the body (internal organs, systems, etc.) Massaging the feet or hands have been known to relax the entire body. 25 mins $45

Add to any treatment for $20

Foot Massage with Mineral Soak and Scrub/add Hot Stone Therapy option

A wondeful scrub and mineral soak to detoxify your feet while they are massaged with relaxing effleurage stokes and the use of Reflexology that stimulates the pressure points. Massaging the feet has a calming effect and you just may want to fall asleep.

45 mins $60 /Add Hot Stone therapy 60mins $85


What to Expect During Your Renew Day Spa Massage

You will be assessed by means of your history, medical diagnosis, injuries and activities. Communication is vitally important, before, during and after treatment. Please inform your therapist of any discomfort at anytime during the session.

***Drinking water is very important after treatment to rid your body of toxins. Your blood flow is powerful in transporting bacteria and toxins. Without water, toxins will either return where they came from or travel through the lymph nodes.
***IMPORTANT*** As with any modality of massage, those suffering from upper respiratory infections, colds, flu, or fever should recover before receiving treatments. Therapy most certainly increases blood flow and exacerbates symptoms.
***IMPORTANT*** Please be sure to disclose pertinent information in your medical assessments, i.e. , foot fungus, open sores, uncontrolled high blood pressure, pregnancy, lymphedema, recent botox treatments, chemotherapy, heart surgery and/or if you are taking a blood thinning medication.


DID YOU KNOW: If you were in an automobile accident, your med pay portion of your auto insurance will pay for your therapy? We will help you handle your medical billing. Are you aware that receiving medical massage, shortly after an accident, can reduce long-term medical problems?


Various policies allow for out-of-network coverage. Check with your insurance company to see if you can be reimbursed for massage. At the time of treatment, you will receive a receipt, with pertinent information that can be submitted, by you, to your insurance. Once you find out that you can be reimbursed, all you will need is a prescription from your doctor or medical practitioner that gets submitted to your insurance for their files.



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