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Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with our exclusive male spa treatments that are designed to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. These treatments cater specifically to the modern man’s needs, from invigorating massages that target muscle tension to specialized grooming sessions that leave you looking and feeling your best. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in a self-care ritual with our revitalizing treatments crafted just for you.

Male Body Treatments

Our goal is to work on your concerns and offer a wide variety modalities and techniques

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Rejuvenating Male Back Facial and

Hot Stone Massage

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Unwind and invigorate with our exclusive Men’s Back Facial. This treatment is a luxurious experience designed to rejuvenate and cleanse the often-neglected back area. Our skilled therapists begin with a thorough cleansing to remove impurities and excess oils, followed by a gentle exfoliation to reveal smoother skin. A relaxing massage of the neck, shoulders and back with hot stones will soothe tensions, leaving you refreshed. Elevate your self-care ritual and experience the transformative effects of this treatment.

45 mins $85/60 mins $111

Refreshing Foot Soak and Scrub with Hot Stones

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Designed to rejuvenate tired feet and soothe the senses, this luxurious treatment begins with a comforting warm foot soak, infused with aromatic oils to melt away stress. The highlight of the experience is the use of heated stones unlocking deep relaxation and promoting circulation. You must try this indulgent escape and give your feet the attention they deserve.

30 mins $55

Renewing Reflexology

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Focusing on pressure points on your feet, these points correspond to different areas in the body. Extremely relaxing and stress relieving.  Brings an overall sense of balance to your whole body. Essential oils included in this treatment to enhance relaxation. 30 mins $50/60 mins $95

Therapeutic Massage

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A Customized Massage that utilizes several modalities to bring your body into balance.  Therapist may incorporate deep tissue, hot stones, trigger point, aroma therapy, and or lymphatic drainage to renew the body. Working with you and your healthcare team, you and your therapist can devise a long and short term goals for your body and healing. Great for post surgery, scar tissue and releasing adhesions in old injuries.  Good for managing chronic pain and moving toward wellness. ONLY available with Select Therapists with Experience and training. During your massage time, we offer a consult and treatment recommendations to help you meet your goals. 60 mins $92

Integrative Hot Stone Massage

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Our Hot Stone massage melts away tension, muscle stiffness, and promotes circulation. During each session, placement of heated stones at key points on the body allow for deeper relaxation of the muscles. Hot stones along with massage are known for easing stiffness, decreasing stress and anxiety, and is good for chronic pain. During your massage time, we offer a consult and treatment recommendations to help you meet your goals. 60 mins $99

Vibration Lymphatic drainage treatment

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End your massage with a VIBRATION lymphatic drainage treatment. This treatment helps to move the lymph which aids in detoxification of the body. After a massage it helps the body purge the latic acid from the muscles for a speedier recovery 10 mins for $15

Infrared Sauna Blanket

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Discover the cutting-edge technology of our Infrared Sauna Blanket—a revolutionary solution for targeted weight management. Designed to promote a sense of relaxation while targeting stubborn areas, this advanced blanket uses gentle infrared heat to enhance metabolism and encourage the body’s natural detoxification process. As you unwind in the blanket, you’ll experience heat that will make you sweat which will allow you to shed unwanted inches. Up to 320 calories can be shed in a 35 min session and is best done in series to jump start weight loss. Wear comfortable clothes to the session as your body temperature will be elevated and will continue to perspire.

All sessions must be done in a 7-day period and best post-exercise.

35 min session $45

(2) 35 min Sessions in one week $85

(3) 35 min sessions in one week $105


Specialty Male Facials

The Estheticians at Renew offer a variety of facial treatments designed to revitalize, nourish, and correct a wide range of skin concerns. We have redesigned our menu to offer you the latest in technology and in products to give your skin a wide variety of nutrients to better the health of your skin. See our Complete Renewal Program for a year membership of amazing skin and self-care.

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Restoring Customized Male Facial

with Consult

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 Discover the pinnacle of grooming excellence with our customized facial to begin your new skin ritual. Tailored to address the unique needs of men’s skin, this luxurious treatment goes beyond the surface to invigorate, hydrate, and rejuvenate. The highlight of the experience is a tension-relieving scalp, neck, shoulders, and facial massage, leaving you not only with remarkably improved skin but also a profound sense of relaxation and confidence.

65 mins $111

Resurfacing Male facial

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This ultimate exfoliating treatment focuses on resurfacing the skin to address ingrowns, acne, and/or dry skin with our amazing diamond- tip microdemabrasion. You may do it alone or with a customized Facial.

25 mins $80

50 mins with a facial $125


Refining Male Facial

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Specially curated to address the specific needs of men’s skin, this rejuvenating treatment focuses on exfoliating the tough exterior to allow the oxygen and serums containing potent hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid to replenish moisture and defy the signs of aging. As the skin nourishing mask works its magic, you’ll be treated to a soothing massage of the face, neck, shoulders, and scalp, melting away tension and enhancing relaxation.

50 min $150


Male Waxing

Each waxing service is designed to offer efficient hair removal while considering the client’s comfort and preferences. Our skilled estheticians use high-quality waxing products and techniques to ensure a smooth and effective experience. Whether you’re looking for precise grooming or comprehensive hair removal, our Male Waxing Menu has a range of options to suit your needs.

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– Chest Wax (abdomen included) $60

– Abdomen $30

– Chest and Back $120

– Full Back $60

– Full Leg Wax $80

– Half Leg Wax $50

– Men’s Brazilian $65

– Full Arm Wax $50

– Half Arm Wax $40

– Toes, Fingers, or Nose $10

– Underarms $30

Energy Work

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Intuitive Healing & Bodywork

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This treatment will allow you to connect with your deepest self, bring clarity, and ultimately heal.  Your body’s energy centers and organs will direct this intuitive massage. Using Cranial sacral holds, light massage techniques, tuning forks and essential oils. Keep in mind your divine self is always there guiding this process. Leave feeling balanced and with a sense of wellness.

With Nicole’s background in energetic healing studies and training in many types of physical modalities has given her a unique perspective and ability to create space for healing. 60 mins $95

Mind, Body, and Soul Treatment

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This transformative energy healing  treatment uses a combination of reiki, essential oils, archangelic light, chakra balancing, reflexology, and/or crystals to relax your mind, aid in healing the body, and energize your soul! This treatment does NOT include massage.
50mins $80  80mins $120